New Book: H-1B Application and Approval

The H-1B visa program is currently under significant political pressure, but the U.S. always needs a stream of good talent.

To help you maximize your chances of H-1B success, Jon Velie has put together all his most effective, proven tactics into this new book.

This is real-world, practical guidance gained from his two decades of designing winning applications. Nobody knows more about getting H-1Bs approved than Jon!

Packed with real-world case studies and examples it shows you how you can easily…

  • Build a bulletproof employment letter
  • Navigate the Labor Condition Application & I-129 requirements
  • Avoid the most common mistakes that get petitions thrown out

You will even discover successful tactics that work even when the H-1B cap has been reached!

This is essential reading for anyone who is considering H-1B applications for 2018. H-1B Application and Approval  is packed with practical strategic advice.

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  • October 20, 2017

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