Jon Velie is a U.S attorney with a long track record as a pioneer in immigration law, human rights, and legal technology.

His  innovative approach makes him a sought-after consultant and presenter.

Breaking: Jon Velie Secures Landmark Ruling in Cherokee Freedmen Case

Jon Velie is a master of the U.S. immigration process and its realities.

A noted immigration lawyer and founder of the Velie Law Firm, Jon's 20-year client roster includes scores of high-profile sports players/teams, tech professionals and entrepreneurs, and global firms with varied and complex HR needs.

Attorney Velie's results are off the charts. His remarkable approval rate of over 90% derives from his deep understanding of U.S. regulatory procedures in conjunction with his proprietary application and applicant packaging process. Jon's methods take ordinary applications and create a passionate narrative that conveys the applicant's personality, education, background, skillset and family.

Jon's unique style of business and law practice are build into the DNA of his own immigration law firm as well as his recently-launched Online Visas is a global platform that connects a network of immigration attorneys with clients all around the world. It combines a 24/7 online asynchronous communication system with unique automated document production that combines Jon Velie's proven application model with unrivalled time and cost efficiency.

Jon Velie is a frequent expert legal commentator for national media. His recommendations are frequently sought by the United States Congress and global business leaders. Honored as an "innovator in the legal industry", bestselling author, Jon is a regular on the lecture circuit at universities, conferences, and corporate strategy events.

His upcoming book, "Border Lies - Debunking Immigration Myths & Misconceptions" is due for release in Q1, 2018.

Breaking: Jon Velie Secures Landmark Ruling in Cherokee Freedmen Case